Product description

Fulvohumate® is an organic product, registered under number 4278 (CZ) as an adjuvant. It represents an innovative technological solution that can be used commonly in all sectors of crop production. It is an aqueous solution of low molecular weight and 4-6% standardisation (40-60 g/l of potassium salts of humic acids) containing fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a unique microelemental complex of chelate form of ADN8, C30H50 squalene with Ω-7 and Ω-9 unsaturated fatty acids.

Other applications

Fulvohumate can also be used for etching and pre-germination of seeds and seedlings, where it helps faster rooting and acts as a protection against root rot. The product is suitable for all kinds of plants and soils. Thanks to the unique nano technology, it does not clog the nozzles or form clots when used in hydroponics.

Competitive advantages

Nano-sized active substance

The unique technology, based on mechanical centrifugation of the solution, called “CY nanoFIVE TEKNIA” is used in production to ensure effective absorption of active substances. This process allows the molecular chains of humic substances to be split up to maximum size of 5 nm. Thanks to our innovative technology, the uptake of active substances through cell pores (3.5 - 5.2 nm) is improved in foliar application.

Low cost and economic profitability

Very high efficacy of the solution can be achieved even at a lower dose due to the nano-sized active ingredient. Thanks to the low treatment cost the use of the solution is very profitable in terms of economic returns.

Leonardite – Natural resource

Leonardite (a form of soft brown coal) is characterized by a high humic content as it is the end product of a humification process lasting for 70 million years. 1kg of leonardite contains five times more humic substances than any other natural source.

Squalene content

Squalene is a natural acyclic polyunsaturated liquid hydrocarbon with a C30H50 triterpene compound from the cartenoid group. This pure biological compound is a potent anticarcinogenic, antimicrobial and fungicidal element that eliminates oxygen deficiency and helps to regenerate oxidative cell damage.


TreatmentBatchMethod and the details
field crops, vegetables0,3 l/haspray a total of 3 times per season
fruit trees, vine0,4 l/haspray a total of 4 – 5 times per season
treatment of the seeds0,4 l/tpickling, a dose per ton of seed
treatment of the seedlings of the trees before planting0,3 l12 – 24 hours, a dose on 200 l of water
application to land3 – 6 l/hadetermined according to the humus content in the soil

About humates

Humic substances are formed as a result of humification of plant and animal residues in nature, through anaerobic microbiological breakdown, fermentation and mineralisation. The humification process is, by its scale, the second largest planetary ecological process immediately after photosynthesis and formation of considerable biomass - plants and animals. Since this is an extremely complex and inimitable biochemical process, the properties and structure of a specific sample of the humic complex depend on the source of its origin and the specific technologies for its retrieval.
The humic complex (acids and their salts) is obtained in the form of a colloidal solution from various sources (leonardite, sapropel, lowland peat, oxidised bituminous slate, etc.) through leaching with sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide or ammonium hydroxide. It consists of two main components - fulvic and humic acids.

About us

European Organics Ltd. was founded in 2016 and to date has representation throughout the Czech Republic and other EU countries (Slovakia, Austria, Spain). We specialize in the development, production, import and distribution of auxiliary products based on humic complex.

Since entering the market, our products have enjoyed increasing popularity in both conventional production and perennial growers. Thanks to innovations in production technology, we offer affordable solutions to stimulate the vitality of agricultural crops, which in recent years has been regularly threatened by stressful situations and pressure from other biotic and abiotic factors.

Our science and production centre is located in western Siberia due to the local extraction and processing of leonardite, the world's richest source of humic substances, as well as the rich scientific experience and the vast potential of local academies.

Our company philosophy is fairness and openness in relations with our partners, accuracy and diligence in preparing our deliveries, helpfulness and professionalism in solving your requirements and especially trying to create a better environment for future generations.

Become a partner

As far as our focus is not placed only on Central European markets, we are very open to cooperate with local dealers worldwide. If you are interested in establishing your own business and becoming an exclusive distributor in your area, don’t hesitate and contact us using the form below.
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